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Ready to use kokedama substrate 3 bags

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Three bags of ready to use kokedama substrate.
Packaging in hermetic zip-off bag.

Ideal for the creation of 12 kokedamas about 8cm in diameter.
Net weight: 3 x 450g

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Buy directly a three packs of ready-to-use kokedama soil and make it easy to create. With the soil contained in a bag you can create 12 kokedamas depending on the size of the pieces made.

Beautiful kokedama are on average 8cm in diameter once finished. The contents of the bag of 450g makes it possible to make a sphere of 12cm (approximately); to make 4 kokedama with this amount it is not necessary to remove all the earth of the plants. In this way you use less kokedama substrate and the plants will recover better.

Qualities of this kokedama substrate:

The sold substrate is a mixture with the ideal composition and proportions. Its structure has all the qualities sought. It is both sticky enough to easily create a ball shape, but also granular and fibrous to allow the roots to develop normally.

We use this product since 2012 with the greatest satisfaction.

Packaging: we use a hermetic zip bag to guarantee a soil with optimal moisture content. In addition this bag will allow you to keep the extra substrate to create another kokedama later.

To create your own kokedama:

We advise you to read the series of articles on our site to know more before starting your first creation.


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