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kokedama workshops

Organize a workshop:

Wherever you are, you can organize a custom kokedama workshop (theme, number of participants). For this you can contact me using the form.

Workshop topics:

Make your first kokedama

You will learn the technique to create your first kokedama easily at a workshop in a relaxed atmosphere.

learn kokedama

Orchids & porcelain

orchid and porcelaineorchid and porcelaine raw

Orchids are beautiful plants that have some very specific requirements. Learn how to create a kokedama with terrestrial or epiphytic orchid.

three kokedama

kokedama seriesart-kokedama 02art-kokedama 03

A workshop to provide a half-day because you compose three kokedamas. Enough to take the time to apply the tips that will be provided and ask all your questions.

kokedama string garden

suspended kokedamasuspended kokedama raw

Compose a kokedama hanging with clematis or honeysuckle. You can add him ivy, ferns, etc.. A composition to keep outside.

Other possible topics

These themes are only one example to illustrate what is possible to do, the possibilities are many, so do not hesitate to send us your desires.

Participants’ impressions:

At the end of each workshop, participants are asked to give their impressions. It appears that the kokedama workshops are a very friendly and relaxing moment.

Archives :

New season of workshops at the art gallery “Le Passage” in Strasbourg through collaboration Nikosan.

On November 4, 2012 at 7:30pm Strasbourg

A new workshop is scheduled for September 2012/2013 with the theme creating a kokedama easily. During this workshop you will make a kokedama using our soil. It is both soft and sticky, granular and fibrous. It has all the qualities to make a kokedama very easily.

You have a wide choice of plants for this workshop and you can choose a ceramic to lay your composition.

Each participant will leave with his kokedama and ceramic after enjoying a cup of tea if he wishes.

kokedama workshop in february 2012kokedama workshop in february 2012 - moss refiningkokedama workshop in february 2012 - after