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How to make kokedama easily

I started the series of articles on the answers to your research. You are a past date on my website but you do not necessarily find the answers to your search. Well I want to tell you that I look closely it all to bring you the articles that interest you. And today I start with the most generic search : “how to make a kokedama ?”.

Of course it is not in a few lines that we will be able to scan everything, but we can at least cover the basics and allow you to create your first kokedama.

The three parts of a kokedama

moss to make kokedama

A kokedama is three things: a plant, moss and substrate to link everything. Of course there are a thousand recipes to complete the project, it is mostly plants that are going to put inside that will determine everything. Needs of the plant, or plants, we somehow imposes the nature of the substrate (more or less airy and retainer) and the foam because it must withstand the conditions of culture. Two examples:

A kokedama with small pines. The pines are very susceptible to continuously wet substrate and need lots of sun. We must therefore adapt the substrate to allow this. Must also choose a foam bear much smaller blows dry and the sun.

Kokedama with a fern. This is just the opposite, because the fern like shade and humidity and especially not blow dry … so can not do both in the same way.

fern kokedama

how to make your first kokedama easily

So to make your first kokedama you must select resistant and undemanding plants. There are ferns not bad for it and especially ivy. The two together can allow you to make a nice little kokedama in minutes.

Now that the plants are selected we can select the moss. The selected plants like humidity then the choice of the foam is easy, just take a nice thick foam, those that grow in the woods. You must clean it, remove dirt, especially small parasites: slugs, snails … that could feed your plants if you let them.

It remains for us to prepare the substrate. If you practice bonsai you will definitely have akadama and keto soil available, but it is far from the case of everyone. To make your mixture you will need clay (one for making pottery is fine), loam (any will do, brown peat …) and sphagnum moss (like for orchids). Put a ball of clay to soak with water to a paste, add the loam there and chopped sphagnum moss. For proportions at the beginning keep it simple one third each. It is necessary that your final mix is ​​fibrous and sticky. Put the clay in water at least two days before because it’s a bit long to dissolve.

Putting it all together

how to make kokedama

You have everything you need, prepare your plant out of the pot, scrape the soil to put the roots in the air. Gird roots in the ball of the substrate. Get a smaller size then you want because there is the thickness of the foam ball more. Put your foam around and tie it off with a small black wire. Water your kokedama.

Remember to read the “Maintenance” page, it will help you keep your kokedama in good conditions.

4 Responses to How to make kokedama easily

  1. Avatar
    Rita 2016/03/24 at 1:52 PM #

    I have a question about choosing a plant. I see a loy of pictures with regular herbs that only last one season, or with flowers that are also to go very fast. Does it mean those are not long-life kokedamas? I will very appreciate your answer.

    • GuillaumeB
      GuillaumeB 2016/03/25 at 11:00 PM #

      Hi Rita,
      You can make kokedama with plants that has to be change every year, or trees living for a lifetime this is as you want. I really appreciate plants that change with seasons, so i have choose some plants like hosta, or iris. They flower not for a long time every year but it doesn’t matter for me. I also have a kokedama made with a japanese maple.

      Choose the plants you like, this is the more important. Kokedama can live as long as you want. Every year you can change the moss, renew a part of the soil, cut the long roots of the plants…

  2. Avatar
    Adriana 2017/07/11 at 12:29 AM #

    Thank you for all your information, it is very helpful. When you say “foam” do you mean “moss”?

    • GuillaumeB
      GuillaumeB 2017/10/27 at 11:30 AM #

      Oh yes absolutely, this is moss not foam.
      Thank you

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