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The art of kokedama in a few lines

The kokedama is a recent art both in Japan and Europe. It is a synthesis, or rather a junction between many arts or arts of living. If we consider traditional Japanese arts it is halfway between bonsai and ikebana. By contrast it may as well switch to a totally kawaii style. The kokedama is also the pleasure of growing plants with a more natural approach, more organic, because without plastic pot.

So we have three major currents that converge there: traditional arts with their codes and aesthetics, kawaii culture, and an ecological approach of plants and nature.

For all these reasons we can find a large variety in kokedama, everyone does not have the same sensibility and the same desires. This is a real area of freedom for all those who want to express themselves using plants, who want to create something new. The possibilities are almost endless.

The kokedama is therefore not a simple ball substrate with moss all around and planted in a plant. This is a beautiful way to create, to sublimate small plants and explore the aesthetics of floral compositions.

kokedama japanese style by Art Kokedama

My style deeply rooted in Japan:

I choose to create kokedama whose aesthetic approaches what you can find in traditional Japanese arts. Sobriety, the passage of time, the seasons, this is what I like and what I try to convey in my creations. I also tend to work with plants and species used for bonsai or kusamono because I know them better and I’m used to work and to cultivate.

My creations are a reflection of my strong connection with the country, its people, its culture and traditions.

Make you discover kokedama:

Through this website I will try to help you discover the art of kokedama, to convey the basics of creating and maintaining a kokedama and may be why not give you the desire to achieve original creations.

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